I should start by mentioning that I am not a professional photographer: this is a hobby that I very much enjoy, and I am delighted to find that others enjoy it too.

This website is about my hunting photography, primarily focused on our local Mooreland Hunt here in North Alabama. I took an interest in foxhunting initially out of necessity: it seemed to be the only way to spend any time with my wife during the winter months of addiction, when hunting comes second to nothing. But I quickly learned to appreciate, then enjoy and then ultimately love the sport for all its facets.

These pictures are my attempt to capture the moments and vistas that grab my attention. I am particularly drawn to texture and color and you may see some of that in the more scenic shots. Moments can take on so many forms with my intention always being to capture an instant out of a wider narrative. Hopefully some of the pictures will make you stop and stare a while, imagining a story or absorbing a scene.